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Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

Welp, it's 2012, and on the plus side, I get to run that fun piece about how long its been since Northwestern won a bowl game again next year! Makes my job a heck of a lot easier, at least for one day. (Well, assuming Northwestern makes a bowl next year.)

With a new year comes the ability to black out our recent gridironed troubles and replace them with hoops. The Northwestern-Ohio State game was ugly and made us all sad, but today NU plays Penn State, who, without Talor Battle or Ed "The Mind-Taker" DeChellis, should be easier than, well, Ohio State.

I'll be in transit on this silly, silly trip from Houston to Chicago (that seems even sillier with Northwestern losses), and although I'll recap the awesomeness later, now I have to deal with the non-awesomeness of how to watch this game. Anybody know a good sports bar between Houston, and, oh, let's say Memphis? Preferably not in Arkansas. Arkansas is awful.