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Northwestern 68, Penn State 56: Postgame Thread

At long last, the losing streak to Penn State is over.

After one of the worst halves of basketball in Big Ten history (seriously), Northwestern finally showed up in the second half and pulled away for a win over lowly Penn State, thanks to 21 from Drew Crawford and a career-high 20 from Dave Sobolewski.

For real though, that performance in the first half was just atrocious. Penn State shot 25% from the field and still led at halftime thanks to approximately 987 offensive rebounds and numerous terrible turnovers by Northwestern. Against a stronger opponent, NU would have been in too big a hole to climb out of, but fortunately they were playing Penn State and were only down 3. Crawford and Sobolewski took charge offensively after halftime, which was nice to see. Hopefully the two can do that starting at the beginning of the game in the future.

More on this game and thoughts on the bowl game coming tomorrow.