Ohyespleasepleasepleaseletthisbetrue: 5-Star Transfer Considering NU?

Fresh off the Odenigbo signing, word is now out that former Proviso East star Kyle Prater is choosing between NU and Wisconsin as schools to transfer to from USC. The fact that he's leaving USC was widely reported yesterday. The source for his interst in NU and UW? None other than his mom, in comments reported by the Trib, in which she emphasizes the importance of academics to their decision:,0,4833453.story

Still not convinced? Ok, here's what Prater himself supposedly said as reported by

“I’m hoping to be somewhere pretty soon,” Prater said in an interview with “I’m looking to play in state, at maybe Illinois, Wisconsin or Northwestern.”

(Cut him some slack on "in state" and Wisconsin; obviously he means close to home as opposed to someplace like Southern Cal).

Needless to say, this would be fantastic. In the high school recruiting class of 2010, Prater was rated as a 5-star recruit, the top WR, and #3 offensive player overall. He's played one year and redshirted one year, so after sitting out a season he'd start 2013 as a redshirt junior with two years of eligibility remaining.

Get it done Fitz. If he qualifies, there's no question a player this talented would help the team on the field, and continue to build the recruiting momentum caused by the Odenigbo signing. The fact that he wound up buried on the depth chart at USC - where 4 and 5 star recruits are pretty much all they carry - means nothing. He'd instantly be one of the most talented players NU has ever signed, and the ability to pair him with Christian Jones in 2013 and 2014 would be a powerful argument for any QB thinking about signing with NU. Make it happen.