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Michigan Wolverines, 66, Northwestern Wildcats 64, OT: Postgame Thread





Coming off a one point loss on a last-second block to Illinois, Northwestern lost an overtime game that they a) had the opportunity to win by having the ball with ten seconds left and no shot clock, but Drew Crawford turned the ball over on a traveling violation and then b) had the opportunity to tie the game in overtime when Alex Marcotullio was fouled while taking a three with .3 seconds left, but he bricked the first of the three. Northwestern's ability to not rebound missed shots was unrivaled, and, well, I mean, well, this is starting to get frustrating. The Wildcats had a genuine opportunity to beat the No. 13 team in the country on the road, and a bunch of things didn't go right that made it fall through once again.

Heartbreaking losses on heartbreaking losses.I see a one-point loss to Michigan State in the near future.