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Michigan State Spartans vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

Welp, Michigan State. This could be all of the bads, but, hey! Northwestern has a chance to beat another ranked team! WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE EVENTUAL HEARTBREAKING TWO POINT LOSS!!!!1!111!!!! GO CATS YEAH NORTHWESTERN aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i wish i were dead. I'd provide more analysis but I actually just dropped my Intro to Existentialism class mainly because I was the only person who laughed when the professor talked about Jean Wahl, get it, he's the point guard for the Wizards ahahahahahaha.

(Northwestern basketball has driven me insane.)

Second off, SoP readers and creepers everywhere will be pleased to know that I went to McGee's last night with the infamous "girl who I once didn't go to McGee's with in order to go to the Mississippi Valley State basketball game". I expect a fanpost asking me about it.

Feel free to comment, but you'd probably be better served with your time by crying in a room by yourself for a few hours.