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USC WR Kyle Prater Leaning Towards Northwestern


We heard the rumor USC's Kyle Prater was transferring, and that Northwestern was one of the schools on his list. And my eyes rolled as they had so many times before hearing about blue chip recruits putting Northwestern on their list of potential schools only to decide on, like, Stanford.

Well, the former five-star is purportedly really looking at Northwestern. Like, really, really looking at Northwestern. He says the school is his front-runner, Northwestern is the only school he is taking an official visit to, he has already cleared admissions to get in to Northwestern, and Pat Fitzgerald and Mick McCall have made visits to make it clear the interest is mutual.

I mean, this is awesome. Remember Northwestern's last five-star recruit? Oh yeah, right, Northwestern has never had one. Remember Northwestern's last highly-touted wide receiver? Oh yeah, again, never had one. Instead, Northwestern has turned low-star - Jeremy Ebert or no-star - Zeke Markshausen - recruits into top-notch receiving threats year after year after year. So, this whole Kyle Prater thing... well, we're excited. I don't fully know Prater's reasons for transferring - he says he wants to be closer to home, and only had one reception in two years (one a redshirt) at USC - but, well, we'll all take it.

Prater says he'll make his decision in the next two weeks, and, well, we're eagerly awaiting it. (It's less creepy when he's already in college.