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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers Game Thread

I need help convincing the like nine people in this room that this AFC Championship Game isn't that important and that Northwestern vs. MInnesota is, you know, more important, which probably isn't true but for the sake of me running a website about Northwestern sports totally is.

On the real, though, this is kind of a big deal for Northwestern. Northwestern hasn't managed to do too well on the road this year and could really use a victory against a modestly equal opponent. The Michigan State thing was great, but Northwestern needs to do it over and over and over. This vicious stretch of opponents is only useful if NU gets some wins out of it, so, yeah.

Go Ravens! Loretta8 is spending the day watching the Pats because he's a sniveling soulless excuse for a co-writer, and I hope only the worst for him, but if you're watching Northwestern instead, here's where to be.