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Minnesota Golden Gophers, More, Northwestern Wildcats, Less: Postgame Thread


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand crap.

Northwestern didn't score for the game's first eight minutes, several key players laid eggs, Drew Crawford had five points on ten shots, peole didn't hit free throws, and lackadaisical defense allowed Minnesota to put up 75 points on 52 shots. Nothing went right, nothing went right, nothing went right. Sure, Northwestern played decent ball for a long time after the initial drought, but, well, this was no fun.

We were all really excited after Northwestern beat Michigan State last week. Then NU hit the road, and two 20 point blowouts. I'm sure the fire such and such talk will be in the comments section, but this wasn't a must-win game - although it certainly was important. However, it does suck to see Northwestern play two awful, awful games.

On the plus side, Northwestern plays well at home (as opposed to the road) and that's where Northwestern's next game is! Yay!