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Purdue Boilermakers vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread


Northwestern plays Purdue and it's on ESPN2! This is the point where I genuinely don't really know how I'm going to fill up more stuff to write about stuff with stuff in it, so, well, here's stuff. Stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff. This is the worst thing ever written by anybody about anything ever. In case you were wondering, I'm not in my writing mood today because well, whatever. I just watched Friday Night Lights (the movie) on TV and am now watching The Longest Yard. I am being ridiculed by occasional commenter Mr. Big Cup as he calmly sips on a Mississippi Mud. (I have an Olde English, because you know me, and I'm rap's MVP and I ain't going nowhere so you better get to know me.) If you're still reading at this point, well, I don't think you can be helped.

Go Cats, y'all! Don't let them make those boilers!