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USC Wide Receiver Kyle Prater Will Transfer To Northwestern

It was made official today during the basketball game against Purdue (that is making my eyes bleed and driving me to alcohol), that Kyle Prater will transfer to Northwestern.

Prater is a former five star recruit, which is really good. Based on the past five star recruits who have transferred to Northwestern revenue sports programs from perennial powerhouses, Prater won't be any good (see: Thompson, Mike). Sample size of one means everything!

No but seriously, this is very good news for Northwestern. Prater will have to sit out next season but will still have three two more years of eligibility after that, which is nice. Pat Fitzgerald is doing a great job of bringing in talented receivers; the future at that position is perhaps the brightest of anywhere on the field for NU. An excellent off-season of recruiting appears to be turning the tide of optimism for this program despite the disappointing season.