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Kyle Prater Shouldn't Have Been Allowed To Play Against High Schoolers.

We're all depressed because Northwestern lost to Purdue yesterday. Well, here's something to cheer us all up: an eight minute long video of new Northwestern transfer from USC Kyle Prater absolutely murdering any and all comers as a high school wide receiver. Warning: this video is not suitable for people offended by violence towards cornerbacks (and safeties and linebackers).

High school football highlight videos of recruits are always misleading because it's one guy who will eventually get a D-I scholarship going nuts - I remember watching Evan Watkins' and being convinced he was a deity of some sort - but HOLY JESUS. It appears teams playing Proviso West's defenses consisted of 1) sending the entire team to stop Kyle Prater from getting the ball, and failing and then b) sending the entire team to tackle Kyle Prater after receiving the ball, and failing again. It's also pretty fun diagnosing Prater's quarterback's weird three-quarters throwing motion.

It's exciting thinking about what Northwestern's offense will look like with a stud like Prater. Here's to two years from now watching Trevor Siemian or Kain Colter slinging lobs to Prater over hapless defenders like in this video.

Hope this cuts the sting of the whole "Northwestern losing basketball games by two points" thing, which, uh, well, it doesn't.