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Sippin' on Purple BlogPoll Week 5

A look at my BlogPoll from Week 5, featuring Northwestern at No. 21.

Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Let's take a look at the stuff I thought and, of course, call me an idiot:

NU at 21: Yeah, same as I had them last week. I jumped Washington over, but NU still went up a spot in the rankings for the win.

Other notes: As you can see, the top of my poll pretty much remained unchanged, as nobody big lost, and nobody did anything to change my mind (I would've lowered LSU for their performance against Towson, but Florida State was mediocre against a bad South Florida team)... it's super tough for me to figure out what I think about the PAC-12. The way I see it, it's Oregon and everybody else, but that other buncha teams is still top 20 in my book... felt bad for not putting Washington over Stanford or Stanford over USC despite the obvious results, but just picked who I think would win... Baylor held on because, damn, they put up 63 points against a top ten team! Demerits for sucking at defense, but it was either them or Michigan, who still hasn't lost to anybody I have below 11th...I didn't have Nebraska ranked last week, but bumped them in this time... Louisville looked rough against Southern Miss.

Tell me why I'm dumb and I'll tell you why I agree!