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Wednesday Sips, Featuring Artsy Nick Roach, Bo Cisek, and Soccer

Nick Roach did art at Northwestern and still does, Minnesota thinks we're nerds, but they're nerds, and footie is doing good things.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Should be about four or five posts on the site today after forsaking y'all for a bit, so let's look at some links:

Nick Roach eating contest: Nice article here about Nick Roach's artistic side, with many a shout-out to Northwestern innit. The article is on ESPNW, ESPN's women's sports site, because the only way women can connect to sports is through effeminate things like art while men would never possibly enjoy reading about something girly and lame that doesn't involve dudes hitting each other. Reminiscent of the time someone opened an article about Amy Jaeschke by comparing her to Amelia Earhart and Susan B. Anthony.

Bo knows: The next player NUSports profiled was Bo Cisek, the big ol' dude who keeps Northwestern's punts from getting blocked.

Yeah, we're the nerds: The Daily Gopher opened Northwestern week by calling us nerds, then later linking to a video of Ohio State marching band doing a video game performance. Because nobody ever associates getting really excited about marching band or video games with nerddom.

GET PUMPED: Northwestern basketball's season tix video features slo-mo video of Gus Johnson calling Alex Marcotullio's game-tying three against Ohio State. Luckily, I blacked out at that exact moment, so I'll just assume we won in overtime.

#COYP #COYP #COYP: Men's soccer got a 2-1 win over No. 7 Notre Dame last night, their first win over a top ten squad since 2008. They fell out of the rankings due to losses to Bradley and DePaul, but they're 2-0 in conference with a good chance to repeat as Big Ten champions and do some damage in the postseason.