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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers Game Thread

The 5-1 Northwestern Wildcats take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers on the road, hoping to recover from their first loss of the season last week.

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Sup everybody! Hope you're having wonderful Saturdays! Now it's time for this here game thread, so let's do this!

First of all, if you go to Northwestern, I'm super angry and jealous because you got to see Nas last night. Just figured I'd get that out of the way up front. Second of all, the 5-1 Northwestern Wildcats play the Minnesota Golden Gophers in a football game today!

Let's talk about how 92 percent of you voted that you think Northwestern is going to win today. That's a lot! That scares me, because when 92 percent of people agree on something it's almost guaranteed to not happen on the internets. So I really wish you hadn't gone ahead and done that, guys, but I guess it's okay that you did.

Comment away, but no links to illegal streams, give your pictures and .GIFs subject lines, and don't use the word "tinny", or I'll ban you forever.