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Monday Sips, featuring Northwestern's Black Uniforms, Drew Crawford, and Bowl Game Shawty!

Northwestern basketball season is just around the corner, but not until after Northwestern plays Nebraska in football Saturday, so there's basically lots of stuff to be excited about.

David Banks-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Lotta linkable stuff from the weekend, a whole lot of it to do with Northwestern basketball, actually. But whatever! Let's get crackin:

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING: NU's playing the Blackshirts Saturday with Nebraska coming to Ryan Field, and you're damn right Northwestern is busting out black uniforms. Here's what they look like:


Yeah buddy!

It's the first alternate uniform Under Armour has made for NU and Northwestern's first time in black since hosting Michigan last year. You had to know the stripe would be purple. NU's basketball uniforms drop Wednesday so here's looking forward to that.

What do you guys think about them black unis?

BOWL GAME SHAWTY: With six wins, HTP gives Northwestern a nice big ol' 100 percent chance of going bowling. I like that number!

The Gopher game: The Daily Gopher thinks they shoulda won, but messed up by turning the ball over too much, which I guess is true if you're a huge jerk. They also have the awesome gif of Donnell Kirkwood losing his decal while running over Ibraheim Campbell... but he still got tackled, so, you know, good for him.

Wanna read about Drew Crawford?: Well boy, have I got three links for you! The Trib, ESPN Chicago, and Draft Express all wrote about various aspects of NU's best returning player, from his internship, or lack thereof, to his celeb status to his draft stock.

I will not make any more Simpsons references about Sanjay Lumpkin. I will not make any more Simpsons references about Sanjay Lumpkin. I will not make any more Simpsons references about Sanjay Lumpkin. College Basketball Talk put together their all-name team - go read it, it's magical - and yes, they included Sanjay Lumpkin on the second squad, alongside Raven Barber and Dusty Hannahs.

INTENSE-O-GIF: NBN put together a definitive guide to Pat Fitzgerald .GIFs., my favorite of which is the one of somebody literally wiping sweat off his brow for him.

R.i.P. Hammies, redux: An actual article about the closing of Hamiltons :(