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Wednesday Sips, Featuring Disco John Shurna, and WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED

John Shurna caught disco fever at a recent Knicks team event, Corbin Bryant is on the Steelers, and some other stuff.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Disco In-Shurn-o: One of the most important breakthroughs in Western civilization happened at some dumb event for season ticket-holders called "Knicks Tip-off" the other night. You see, they were introducing all the players to the fans, and... just take a look. It's at the 3:20 mark.

Sadly, I don't know how to .GIF things. Do you know how to .GIF things? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY CAN YOU .GIF DISCO-DANCING JOHN SHURNA?

Jingle-jangle mourning: Danny Moran makes a good point: we should stop doing that dumb thing with the keys.

Huskin: A cool story on how Nebraska has trouble winning road games against good spread teams with mobile quarterbacks. Oh, and also Northwestern.

Purple steel: Thanks to the drunken escapades of Alamedu Ta'amu - long story short, he ran a bunch of red lights, cops saw him, he crashed his car into four parked cars, totaling two, tried to run over a cop, then sprinted away, needed double handcuffs to be restrained and then blew a .19 - the Steelers were in need of a defensive tackle. Luckily, they had one on their practice squad! Corbin Bryant was promoted to the big team for the second time in his career.

In other news, Jordan Mabin has been tweeting about leaving his gig playing le football canadien for the Montreal Alouettes to go to Baltimore - he played for the Ravens in training camp and they need a corner after putting Lardarius Webb on injured reserve.

2 Legit 2 Commit: I found this from Fitz on the conference... conference call yesterday to be interesting yesterday:

Fitz really takes the idea of "committing" seriously - you better not look around, but even if you get a serious injury and can't play football, we won't look around either. Just a neat tidbit.