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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-O-Meter: Nebraska

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been waiting for a chance to avenge last year's loss to an unranked Northwestern Wildcats team in front of a sold-out Ryan Field crowd.. On the other hand, an NU team that's already equaled last year's win total is salivating at the chance to gash an unproven Nebraska defense.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Naps aside, it's pretty hard not to get excited about the Northwestern-Nebraska matchup this week.

Northwestern's 6-1. They have an opportunity to be 7-1. They're coming home, where they're undefeated on the year, and they're facing a pretty decent opponent in what should be a sold out stadium - and oh yeah, this team happened to be the opponent in the biggest win of last year.

Nebraska looks worse than last year, and Northwestern looks better than last year. I think this will be a really fun, close matchup. I'm still not sure who I think will win - last year's win was really, really fluky, I won't use it for predictive purposes - but I'm excited.

Let's hit the intense-o-meter.

Pat Fitzgerald INTENSE-O-METER reading:8.5

Symptoms include: A stare capable of curdling milk, but also turns regular cheese into melty cheese, so it's not all bad.

Last week:7.2

NU has had this game circled on our radar ever since the schedule came out: a chance at keeping a good season going against probably the best opponent NU has played yet. Now they have to try and keep them from getting their revenge. Let's hold on to that NU name, y'all. This is a really big game, and would probably end whatever hopes either team has of making the Big Ten Championship game with a loss. Oh, and NU would be ranked if they won.