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Friday Sips, featuring Vandy zings and tons of NU-NU stuff.

Northwestern is having fun with the fact that Vanderbilt backed out on us, a bunch of Northwestern-Nebraska previews, and some CFL news!


Commo-D'oh-res: The Vandy series is in the past. They explained why they had to drop NU from their schedule in a release:

With the addition of the two new league members, existing football schedules were essentially erased and a new schedule was created.

Which really explains why they dropped the two Big Ten games that they had scheduled well before matchups with teams like UMass and Wake Forest instead of rescheduling. Understandable.

On the other hand, the Nashville fire department might have to do some serious work dealing with Vandy's campus, presumably engulfed with flames after this sick burn:

You can read more of his comments here.

"Corn State" would be more accurate, but...: Instead of individually linking to all the NU-NU stories from Corn Nation, just go over there. I did a Q-and-A and a podcast, plus they have a bunch of good analysis and pregame stuff. Also from SB Nation, Dan Rubenstein picked Northwestern in his weekly picks video.



SHUT EM DOWN OPEN SHOP: Brian Peters has signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL. Thanks to USC and Troy, they are not the only team named after a condom brand, but I believe they are the only team named after a late-90's, early-00's rap crew.

That's it for today!