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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Dueling Chi Chis and Shurna Jerseys

John Shurna officially has a Knicks jersey, and two of Northwestern's linebackers lay claim to the name 'Chi Chi".

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Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

A Tale of Two Chi Chi's: The linebackers crew took a camera to dinner, the third in the series, and it's just as fun a watch as the other two:

In the video, it's revealed that David Nwabuisi is secretly jealous of Chi Chi Ariguzo's name fame, since his middle name - which was supposed to be his first name - is also Ikechi, the Nigerian name Chi Chi chooses not to go by. And he's right! His player profile reveals he's David Ikechi Nwabuisi. In other news, you can see Roderick Goodlow's crutches - :( - and for the second straight week, my ability to recognize a restaurant comes up short. You'd think I would get this one with ease when they zoom out to the big marquee out front, but no dice. Did I even live in Evanston? In other other news, it's really weird, but probably some NCAA rule or something, that they can't say where they went to dinner, since they pretty clearly edited it out. I guess it would be too much like an endorsement.

Cancel your No. 24 jerseys: Since #24 is retired for the Knicks, John Shurna looks like this:

That's Bernard King's old number! And also Frank Williams'. Much respect to Davide Curletti. I liked this, too:

Finally, a ranking that matters: NCAA football expert - and I don't use that term loosely - Paul Myerberg finally thinks NU is a top 25 team.

Drew can do it: A very lengthy Q-and-A from Inside NU with Drew Crawford. Seriously, they musta sat down with him for a good 15 minutes. He covers a lot of interesting stuff, like who he thinks will break out amongst the NINE incoming players - Jared Swopshire, notably - excruciating questions about last year's tough losses, and more.

Tweet of the day: Ifeadi Odenigbo's season is over, and so, it seems, is his Twitter: