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Northwestern Wildcats-Nebraska Cornhuskers Game Thread

The 6-1 Northwestern Wildcats look to start 7-1 as they face the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Ryan Field is sold out for one of the bigger home games in recent Northwestern memory.

Jonathan Daniel

Blackshirts vs. the school wearing black shirts! The school that calls itself NU vs. NU! Nebraska vs. Northwestern, you guys!

This game is huge and the build-up to it has been huge and its relevance for the rest of the season is huge. The Northwestern fanbase has been frothing at the mouth in anticipation, and Nebraska has been doing something less extreme in excitement over the fact tha tthey're preparing to fill up Ryan Field with their red-wearin' fans. Well, Northwestern has been preparing to disappoint those fans for a bit, so let's see how that works.

Last year's win over Nebraska was aight, for sure, you know, since it was on the road and they were ranked, but that team only won six games. This team can win more. So perhaps winning today would be cool.

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Go Cats!