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Tuesday Sips, featuring Tyrell Sutton, Newbies, and Iowa Week!

Tyrell Sutton is in the Ultimate Football League, and trucking people, plus a look at new Northwestern players.


No real reason for lack of Monday sips, besides general lack of material and then a lack of access to Twitter. But moving on!

Iowa week! It's one of my faves, because we get to read BHGP, and this year, it's even better, because they're spending the whole dadgum week in a depressive pit. Here's a post titled "The World is Flat" about Gerg Greg Davis' awful playcalling, and here's a story diagnosing James Vandenberg with the yips. Fun time Iowa City!

The nine: Inside NU asked Coach Carmody about the nine Northwestern players that have never played for Northwestern. Hey! I was going to vaguely speculate about those guys! But seriously, great stuff.

Ultimate: Apparently, Tyrell Sutton is playing for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL, and apparently he isn't too happy about it, because he truck sticked some defenders into oblivion:

Yes, I remember that Tyrell Sutton. That man deserves an NFL job. Notable Mountain Lions include Josh Johnson of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fame and someone actually named "Derek Domino".