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CJ Bryant Q&A: Iowa Week

Redshirt sophomore cornerback CJ Bryant got the most significant playing time of his career last week against Nebraska, replacing injured Nick VanHoose. With VanHoose and Quinn Evans doubtful for this Saturday's game against Iowa, Bryant is likely to get the first start of his career. Check out what he had to say after the biggest game of his short college career and what he is looking to change in the future.

How would you evaluate your performance on Saturday?

I think it was alright. There are definitely some mistakes that I made, but with all new guys, you can learn from them and it will help you  play better in the future.

Was it a lot of pressure to be thrown in there in such a big game?

I felt pretty calm out there. The coaches kind of harp on being relaxed and being poised and I just want to take their advice and go out there and do what I was taught to do.

Did you expect to be playing that much against Nebraska?

I know a lot of guys are banged up, especially in the secondary, so I knew there was the potential that I was going to go out there and play, so (it was) just in the back of my mind.

How do you think you've progressed since the beginning of the season?

I've definitely gotten a lot better. I think it's just a day-by-day growing process. I'll continue to grow as the season progresses.

What do you have to fix the most?

I guess just being more poised. That just comes with being out there more and just developing more time.

Have injuries and a lack of depth been tough for the secondary over the past few weeks?

As far as from an injury standpoint, yeah. I mean, we have guys banged up and I guess that's the only issue.