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Northwestern vs. Iowa football preview/prediction threadstravaganza!

It's homecoming! Northwestern takes on an Iowa team that has looked super awful of late, but on the other hand, Northwestern's offense has also looked kinda sorta awful too. Who wins?


I'm back at college! I slept through my shift of work and forgot to do a preview thread :( :( :( :( :( :(

Let's predict n stuff


We always beat Iowa, right? 'Cats move to 8-1 (ATS) with a win by a Touchdown.
Northwestern 31-24


Will Northwestern's offense reappear? I doubt it. Iowa's offense is in even worse condition, with their starting running back working through an injury and their best offensive lineman out for the season. Neither team can throw the ball, and both defenses can stop the run. If either team can throw for 200 yards, this game will be a blowout. Instead, it will be a repeat of the Iowa-Michigan State game with better weather. Northwestern wins, 17-13.


've picked NU in every game this year. No reason to stop now. NU's offense needs to get on track, and why not against Iowa? I like how our defense matches up against the Hawkeyes, as our run D has been solid pretty much all year. So, I'll go ahead and pick NU in this one, in a game that the Wildcats badly need.

NU 28
Iowa 14


Iowa sorta sucks, and I refuse to believe Northwestern is dumb enough to keep playing offense in the awful, predictable way they've been playing thus far.

Northwestern 35, Iowa 24