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Wednesday Sips, Featuring P.J. Carrollo's Helmet, Pro Shurnaballs, and Colterback

Someone has picture evidence of John Shurna in the NBA, a QB's-eye view of Northwestern practice, and a new position.

Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

To be honest, the hardest part of these is writing the thing above the links.

P.J. CAROLLOOOO (sung to the tune of Jason DeRulo): I somehow didn't realize it, but NUAthletics has been putting out a bunch of really fantastic videos on their YouTube page, most of them going unpublicized, and most of them with under 500 views, while I'm over here linking to linebacker dinners. My favorite one is this video of them putting a camera on fourth-string QB P.J. Carrollo's helmet so you can have a QB's-eye view of a few things in practice.

It's a pretty cool look, really interesting stuff, even if a lot of it is just him dodging rushers in RB blocking drills.

Shurnaballs!: Remember when a cast of thousands tried to describe John Shurna's jumper? Seth Rosenthal of Posting and Toasting is better at it:

- I saw the John Shurna jumper in person. It is VIOLENT.

CB already taken as a position name: Billy C. over at the .com included Northwestern in this week's Numerical, while coining - I believe - the term "Colterback". We hadn't come up with that yet how?

It's no MountainTiger, but: Well, it's actually just as good. BSD goes into the film room to examine their rushing game, with real moving pictures.

Tweet of the day:

Katy Perry, I presume.