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Thursday Sips, Featuring J.A. Adande, Omar Jimenez, and Jordan Mabin

J.A. Adande will be Northwestern's homecoming Grand Marshal, walk-on point guard Omar Jimenez is a rapper, and Jordan Mabin is playing for French people. In Canada.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

A bay bay!

The J.A. Adande lounge comes to Northwestern: Adande will be NU's homecoming Grand Marshal. I haven't watched Around the Horn since about sophomore year of high school, but Adande's always been one of my favorites from that show and one of my favorite NU alumni in the sports world in general. I'll be coming to homecoming for the first time, although mainly just so I can go to McGee's, so I might miss out on some of the stuff.

OJ Da Juice Man: The Daily profiled basketball walk-on Omar Jimenez' rap persona, OJ Tropicana. There's a video of him in concert at the Rock - from what you can hear, he's not bad - and a Q-and-A featuring his weird rap-crush on Childish Gambino. Gambino may be a mastermind, but he's really pushing it with the Donald love.

Ahh oui, la football americane, les pantouffles sont tres confortable!: Jordan Mabin, after being cut by the Ravens after training camp, has signed with the Montreal Alouettes. From their website:

Mabin (5’11’’, 180 lbs.) s’est joint aux Ravens de Baltimore en tant que joueur autonome en 2012 avant de se joindre aux Alouettes. Le demi de coin de 23 ans a disputé 51 matchs avec les Wildcats de Northwestern et a mené tous les joueurs de la conférence Big Ten pour les passes rabattues en 2010.

Luckily, I took French for eight years in middle school and high school, so I can easily translate that.

Mabin (6'4", 230 lbs) likes to eat grapefruits in the library. This omelet is delicious, because it has cheese in it. I also like to eat croissants, and Dr. and Mrs. Vandertrampp are in the elevator. Super-cool!

Knew all that diligent learning would pay off some day. Anyway, good for Jordan. Hope he can be one of the top 12 guys on Montreal's defense as they go for the Grey Cup and prevent teams from scoring rouges, maybe get some big stops on second down to force punts and pick off some passes on the 53-yard line. (Those are all the differences, I think.)

Purple jungle where dreams are made of: LTP has a cool thing in New York that I'm too broke to go to for the Nebraska game. (Shelling out money for Penn State.)

The Williams brothers ride again: A nice - and touching - piece on Nate and Quentin Williams, now that Nate's graduated and Quentin is still starting at DE with NU playing near their home.

At least two random SEC fans know about Northwestern: PPer this awesome Shutdown Fullback video.

Tweet of the day: Ever wonder why Northwestern doesn't play teams whose primary jersey color is "aluminum" at home?