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Friday Sips, Featuring John Shurna, Voter Fraud, and Whoomp! (There It Is)

John Shurna is looking good in Knicks training camp, somebody rigged an ESPN poll, and highlights from seasons gone awry.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

One more day til football, let's do it!

Whoomp! I forgot to post this yesterday, but I seriously advise you go and check out at least a few minutes of the highlights of Northwestern's 1992, 1993, and 1994 teams over at NU Highlights. Combined wins: eight. I, like you, expected it to be just a compilation of guys fumbling things and getting doinked in the helmet set to Yakety Sax, but instead, it's like 30 minutes of actual Dark Ages football highlights set to the latest and greatest in JOCK JAMS. It's crazy how many awesome celebrations there are by players and fans for such sub-par teams. I've also fallen in love with the QB of the 1993 team. Check it out. Dennis Lundy bets that you'll enjoy it!

Double-K: ESPN catches Misspelling Kain Colter's Name Fever, an illness documented the other day by Cody. The only cure is a copy editor.

Hacking, not just for Davide Curletti: Someone apparently figured out how to rig the ESPNU Fan Rankings in Northwestern's favor. Either that, or 30,000 people just decided to screw with the poll by voting Northwestern No. 1 and the rest of the list in reverse order, leaving Ohio the No. 3 team in the country. Either that, or more people think Northwestern is the No. 1 team in the country than Alabama, which I pray is not true. Anyway, congratulations, nerdy internet warrior, your work is appreciated.

More Shurnupdates: Seth at P&T has been particularly diligent. From Day 2 of Knicks practice:

- After practice, Steve Novak and John Shurna had a little white shooting competition of their own. I didn't keep count, but Novak pretty clearly spanked him in the shooting part. They were tied at being white.

On Day 3, Seth included a photo of Amare Stoudemire and a Knicks coach laughing at John Shurna's form and wrote up scrimmages:

Shurna and Thompson both looked nice. They were the stand-outs of the non-guaranteed bunch. Thompson's shot fell more often by my rough tally (including a runner or two), and he looked nimbler away from the ball, while Shurna was more inclined to attack the basket and crammed a few slamjams in transition.

ESPN New York's Jared Zwerling had some awesome things to say:

I mean, woah! Defense? WTF?

Obligatory BYCTOM post: Greatness is here.

Tweet of the day: Nobody does, Brandon: