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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Penn State Nittany Lions Game Thread

The No. 22 Northwestern Wildcats (5-0) take on the Penn State Nittany Lions (3-2), their first game as a ranked team in four years, with hopes of remaining undefeated, staying ranked, and breaking a major losing streak at State College. Let's talk about it!

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Right about now I should be in State College. I had a pretty convoluted way of getting here, but let's look at things. Northwestern's 5-0, ranked, and we don't play on the east coast - where I live, y'all! - for another five seasons. Oh, and wouldn't it be fun to see Northwestern win in front of 100,000 fans of the other guys?

Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm super pumped. You guys should be too! If you aren't here in the middle of Pennsylvania, you should be on your internets. I provided a classy little game thread here for you guys to discuss things, like football. You're free to use it, even if you've never really been around here before! Just remember not to be a jerk, not to post links to illegal streams, and not to post complex plans for assassinating various international heads of state.

So, uh, let's do this. Go Cats, y'all!