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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Detritus from a Loss, John Shurna Praise, and Moving On

Northwestern lost to Penn State, Steve Novak thinks John Shurna can make the Knicks, and some stuff on NFL Wildcats.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Northwestern lost, so let's get it over with. (Actually, I still wanna post about going to Happy Valley, but for now, let's get it over with.)

  • The thorough wrap-ups on the loss come from Teddy Greenstein, breaking down NU's play-by-play and Neil Hayes, discussing Kain Colter's role. I mean, you could also read the awesome things written here that come to similar conclusions, but go generate some hits for traditional media I guess.
  • This longform jawn by Michael Weinreb about Penn State football over at Grantland is worth a read for a lot of reasons, one of which is this sentence:

The Big Ten is so inherently weak this season that the three best teams might be the one with the most inherent institutional disadvantage (Northwestern, whose continued moderate success under Pat Fitzgerald over the past decade is either the most remarkable story in college football or the most obvious sign that the Big Ten is the post-Empire conference) and the two (Penn State and Ohio State) who have been slapped by the NCAA.