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Northwestern vs. Michigan Game Thread

The No. 24 Northwestern Wildcats have a chance to upset the unranked Michigan Wolverines, because yeah, nothing makes sense and your attempts at trying to understand life are futile.


There's a time to live, and a time to die. A time to laugh, and a time to cry. A time to BEAT THE HELL OUT OF MICHIGAN, and quite frankly, there isn't really a time not to do that, so, I guess, you know, do it.

Northwestern plays Michigan today. Early indicators are this:

Relief, sighs, etc. Obviously Devin Gardner playing at quarterback for Michigan wouldn't win Northwestern the game at all, but it would be nice instead of having to play the really fast guy who is good at football. So, starting out with positive emotions. It feels more and more like the No. 24 Wildcats will actually go out and win a football game today, which is a pretty good sign they're not going to. Ennui, guys, feel it!

Feel free to comment along as always, and remember that as long as you don't be an awful person, you're welcome, even if you're the type of person who doesn't come around here very often.

Go Northwestern football playing Wildcats, y'all!