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Monday Sips, featuring the Gator Bowl, Ruxin, and Men's Soccer Dancing

Northwestern men's soccer will play in the NCAA Tournament, the football team is essentially playing in a Gator Bowl elimination game this weekend, and Ruxin from The League went to Northwestern.

Scott Halleran

There's college basketball on now! I'm watching it. There's 24 hours of college basketball on tomorrow! I'll probably watch, like 12 hours of it. THERE'S NORTHWESTERN BASKETBALL ON TOMORROW! I'll try to watch it! Pumped, y'all.

I was out all day but will have lots of stuff today and tomorrow. But here's some linked things:

Try the veal: I was alerted by about 20 of you on Facebook and Twitter the other night watching the brilliant The League that the show revealed that Ruxin is a fictional Northwestern alum. I sadly wasn't watching - I sorta just catch up on it on Netflix, sry. But it's a curious question of whether this is another example of the so-called "purple mafia" of screenwriters and other industry folks inserting NU characters into their shows and movies, or whether this just happened because Rodney Ruxin is the most Northwestern character in TV history. In other news, there was a girl named Shivakameni Somarkandarkram living in my dorm freshman year.

LEATHERNECKS: Northwestern has its first team in the NCAA Tournament, as the men's soccer team will play Western Illinois after getting an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. They play Thursday night at home at 7 p.m. (In other news, I just found out field hockey did not go dancing after being in the top 10 for most of the year. Hrmm!)

Where's Northwestern bowling? Glad you asked: Let's summarize. Err, let's have actual smart people summarize:


Two no four no 12 BAKERS DOZEN: Inside NU is crazy for these cupcakes, cousin.

You misspelled "Texas": I'm sure you don't want to read anything about Northwestern-Michigan. But if you have to, please read "Football Forever", by Ace over at MGoBlog. It's pretty okay. They also have a host of other top-notch analysis of the game, and this: