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Northwestern vs. Texas Southern Game Thread

Northwestern takes on Texas Southern in its first game of the season, beginning the path towards possibly the first ever NCAA Tournament bid for the school, but more likely just misery and sadness.


It's time for Northwestern Wildcats basketball!

Wait! Why are you groaning? Why are you wincing, favoring your genitalia as if you've just been struck there with a large mace? You, in the corner, why have you doubled over in shame, covering your head in your hands as if you think you can hide your misery from everybody else here? This was supposed to be exciting!

Tonight, our yearly dance with death begins, as Northwestern takes on Texas Southern. This year might be good, it might be bad, but I can tell you one thing. There will be pain. At some point in the year, we will be bitter and angry that Northwestern basketball ever started happening, instead of just continuing forever. But for now, it's time for us to celebrate. Because this could be the year, right?

In actual news, Sanjay Lumpkin has mono and is out a week. Not sure if that actually means anything, since we haven't really... seen him play. He didn't look super-great in the team's first game, going 1-2 for two points in 15 minutes, but I expected him to be a help in replacing JerShon Cobb's scoring load.

The game's on the Big Ten Network at 7 p.m. Let's talk about it, y'all!