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Wednesday Sips, featuring Pat Fitzgerald on the Cowboys, the ILOLni, and What Ifs

Some cool clips of Pat Fitzgerald in his very brief NFL stint with the Dallas Cowboys, plus Illinois is hilarious and Northwestern and Michigan State play the "what-if?" game.

Bob Levey

Today is Wednesday, right? I've been messing that one up a lot on these Sips posts. Well, whatever. Here's some stuff the day after one basketball game, the day before another and a one day before some football and a few more days before the other type of football.

But seriously, WHAT IF?!?!?!?!?!?!: Apparently, Northwestern-Michigan State is the battle of "What-Ifs", since both teams have played a buttload of late, close games, some of which haven't gone their way. ESPN examines that, and LTP examines the numbers of regret.

I can smell a pig from a mile away: NFL Films did a really cool segment on Pat Fitzgerald, and it's up over at NU Highlights. There's some really cool, interesting clips of mic'd up footage of a young Pat Fitzgerald in training camp with the Dallas Cowboys. The Fitz creation myth often ignores a really interesting thing: that the most dominant defensive player in college football went to training camp with the Cowboys, and was clearly not cut out for the NFL. We see Fitz looking not up-to-par and dropping passes and getting blocked, and signing autographs, talking with a much higher pitched voice than he has now, and having a brief conversation with Jerry Jones. Very, very interesting stuff. (I also liked the part about Northwestern, but I'm sure the FIRE FIZTZZ crowd will find it unappealing.)

I-L-O-L: ChicagoSide examines how funny everything about Illinois football right now is - well, for outsiders.

That's about it for now - more stuff later!