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Friday Sips, featuring Venric Mark 4 Doak, Davon Usher jokes, and leaving the Big Ten

On a Friday, looking at an awesome video hyping Venric Mark for the Doak Walker award, some Usher puns, and someone else taking the ignominy of writing dumb articles about leaving the B1G.


Come on, guys, there's still like an hour left in your work week, at least. Links!

#Mark4Doak: Northwestern put together a Doak Walker Award highlight video for Venric Mark, and, UHHHHHHHHHH

Remember: that's not including his two punt returns for touchdowns or his kickoff return for a touchdown that was called back. What a year by the lil whippersnapper. And to think he was a wide receiver for two seasons without us realizing that he's ridiculous. At the end of the year, I'm gonna go back and find all the stupid things I wrote about Venric probably not being good at running back, make them into a big lasso, and allow Venric Mark to chase me around on horseback with it. (He said he liked horses in that other video. Sry Eric Berry)

I swear, I can think of at least one other color: The Only Colors previews Northwestern-MSU and also I talked to them about sprots and how meaningless life is.

BREAKING: NORTHWESTERN NOT THE SCHOOL WRITING DUMB ARTICLES ABOUT LEAVING THE BIG TEN: Remember that one dumb article somebody would write in the Daily every. single. year. about how Northwestern doesn't belong in the Big Ten? Well, uh, now it's Penn State:

With the large divide between the Penn State base and its leadership, I think I have a solution that could bring everyone closer together, maybe we can even be "One Team." A move to the ACC that is openly led by Peetz, Erickson, and company would repair some of the credibility of the Penn State administration that is now lacking, rid the unwanted step child status as a Big Ten member that has been festering since 1990, puts the athletic program in a place that re-establishes historic rivalries, and gives the fanbase some great road trip options.

This was brilliantly parodied by The Champaign Room, which is really all SB Nation could ever want from an Illini blog and more.

While we're making fun of Illinois...: Another great look at how in over his head Tim Beckman is. I hate to pretend Northwestern-Illinois is an actual rivalry, but sometimes this stuff is just too funny: apparently Beckman has one guy calling plays on first and second down, and another calling third downs, and nobody really knows why.

Now, I’m usually not one to call for a coach to be fired, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more evidence that a head coach is in over his head.

It's going to be SO embarrassing when we lose next week. We literally have no idea.

Yeah!: Kevin Trahan compiled all the awful Usher puns we made last night. Props to WestsideBrandon for coming up with the best one ever. (Namely: "Davon Usher has got the beat to make ya booty go SWAC", although quite frankly he should know that it was Usher who had the MOVES to make ya booty go (smack noise) and Lil Jon who had the beat.)

Goose, you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever: It's either great news or awful news