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Northwestern-Michigan State Game Thread

The Northwestern Wildcats try to get to eight wins when they head to East Lansing to take on the Michigan State Spartans. Come talk about it y'all!

Jonathan Daniel

Northwestern! Michigan State! Game Thread!

Normally I go to Blondie's every week, with the exception of the time I went to Penn State and the time I went to Evanston, but this week nobody really wanted to go with me for various reasons, so it looks like I'm going to watch this game from home instead of going to a bar by myself. (I really don't like going to bars by myself.) But of course, there's a lining, and it's a silver one: I get to comment in a game thread! I haven't done that all year! Does that make me a bad website person? Probably. But that all changes today.

So come talk about this game between Northwestern and Michigan State, y'all. I literally have no idea how to turn on my TV since I've been banking on bars to do it for me all this time, so hopefully I figure that one out.

Go Cats and stuff!