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Northwestern 80, Fairleigh Dickinson 53

Northwestern basketball improves to 3-0 with an easy win over Fairleigh Dickinson.

Nikola Cerina
Nikola Cerina
Ethan Miller

There's really very little to be said about this game. Fairleigh Dickinson was 3-26 last season and appears on their way to a similar record this season, so anything other than a blowout win like this would have been quite disappointing.

Bill Carmody went deep into his bench, using 13 different guys for at least six minutes. Reggie Hearn led NU with 14 points and Alex Olah added 10 points and 9 rebounds. NU shot just 5 of 22 from three but had no trouble getting open looks throughout the game.

The most notable things to happen involved Nikola Cerina, who saw his first action in a Northwestern uniform and was quite active, with 5 points and 7 rebounds in just 10 minutes. Unfortunately he left the game with what looked like an ankle injury in the second half, so that's not good.

The Northwestern defense was far better than last time out against Mississippi Valley State, statistically at least, but Fairleigh Dickinson also missed numerous open layups and made just 3 of 12 free throws, so it's difficult to judge exactly how effective the defense was.

Next time out, Northwestern faces a somewhat better opponent in Delaware State, a team probably capable of beating the Wildcats if they play poorly. That'll be Tuesday night. Until then, enjoy your NFL Sunday and be glad you probably didn't watch this game.