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Monday Sips, featuring John Shurna in France, Maryland-Rutgers fallout

John Shurna has signed a contract in France and THE WORLD GOES MAD over Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten, plus a bunch of other stuff.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

So sort of all anything anybody wants to talk about today is Maryland-Rutgers, which kinda makes sense, because, um, two new teams are joining Northwestern's conference! But there's other stuff too.

John Shurna has a job: John Shurna opted not to go the D-League route, and is now with Strasbourg of the French league, from BasketNews:

Le joueur américain réputé pour son tir extérieur, poste 3 capable de dépanner en 4, effectuera ses débuts professionnels avec la SIG, puisqu'il sort de NCAA. Il a été formé entre 2008 et 2012 à l'université de Northwestern. La saison écoulée, sénior, il alignait 20,0 points à 46,3%, 5,4 rebonds et 2,8 passes, se distinguant notamment de par son adresse à longue distance (44,0% à trois-points). A l'été 2009, il faisait partie de l'équipe des Etats-Unis championne du monde des moins de 19 ans, aux côtés de Klay Thompson ou encore Gordon Hayward. Il assurait 6,0 points et 3,9 rebonds.

Luckily, I still remember how to speak French after taking it for eight years in middle and high school and translating Jordan Mabin's Montreal Alouettes press release, so I know what this means:

The library is open, because the dog still has baguettes from the supermarket. I think that your t-shirt is super-cool. How old are you? I do not like to smoke cigarettes because they are bad. I call myself Rodger and I am from New York. I need to go to the department store to by a television.

Impressive write-up. He joins former Charlotte Bobcat Alexis Ajinca in Strasbourg, which if I remember correctly is over near Germany. Juice Thompson is still killing it for ASVEL, which plays in Lyon.

Oh, and French for "ugly form" is "laide forme"

Expounding on expansion: BEHOLD: the one person who thinks Maryland-Rutgers is a great idea for the Big Ten, and actually makes a convincing argument! Testudo Times had a great breakdown of why it makes sense for Maryland, and they're our new conference buds now, so go over and read them - one of the best blogs on the network. Jason Kirk ran down the weirdest Big Ten matchups on deck, and NU didn't make the cut. The Champaign Room highlighted Scrooge McDelaney.

I-LOL-Ni schadenfreude: The title of the Champaign Room's recap of their game Saturday kinda says it all?


The Steelers are also likely on the market for a QB with Ben Roethlisberger and maybe Byron Leftwich out, so... yeah.

Bowl eligibility has lost its fun:

We're No. 2: Crain's Chicago Business runs down the "root for us, too" strategy of Northwestern marketing.

Adventures in indecisiveness: While one person at the Big Ten is sitting there adding teams willy-nilly with no regard for human life or reason, someone else is busy staring at the freshmen of the week in Big Ten play and going "AHHHHHHHH ITS SO HARD" and coming out with co-Freshman of the Week Dan Vitale.

C'est tout pour maintenant, mais les bistecs sont delicieux au cette restaurant, parce qu'ils ne sont pas les écureuils. John Shurna has signed a contract in France and THE WORLD GOES MAD over Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten, plus a bunch of other stuff.