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Friday Sips, featuring NO I DON'T HAVE POWER

Stuff happened and I didn't write about it because I don't have power.

David Banks

Sorry I haven't been updating SoP of late - there have been extenuating circumstances. After Homecoming, I was stuck in Chicago through Wednesday and probably could have written stuff but had a lot of extra work covering for people without power and didn't feel like it, plus bye week. Then I came home to New York and, well, uh, we still don't have power, which is fun. That sorta makes it impossible to summarize what happened in Northwestern sports news, don't it?

But here's a try:

Johnny boy: So, the Knicks cut John Shurna. The Knicks opted to keep Rasheed Wallace, who is a many-time NBA All Star, and Chris Copeland, a 28-year old who had a 34-point outing in the preseason and broke 20 another time, over Shurna. He didn't exactly look like NBA material out there. It's a small sample size and he exclusively played with other guys who got cut, but Shurna had a whopping -53 in 41 minutes of playing time. That's... that's impressive. I'd look for Shurna to reach a deal with a D-League or European team, but he's not on anybody's short list to make the league right now. Bummer.

A Northwestern fan read a book at the game: But apparently I can't get to it on Deadspin anymore? :(

We have the best uniforms: Says this guy.

Wanna know what bowl we're going to?: Here.