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Tuesday Sips, featuring Mike Kafka's Steelers tryout, Pat Fitzgerald's salary, plus more Rutgers stuff

Lots of links on a Tuesday, from Mike Kafka's near-NFL experience to the conference expansion stuff to Pat Fitzgerald's salary.

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Jared Wickerham

I think I'm getting better and finding stuff for these, or maybe just less lazy. Anyway, here's a buncha Tuesday stuff:

Kafkacalypse: With Ben Roethlisberger and Byron Leftwich both hurt, the Pittsburgh Steelers called in Mike Kafka today to compete with Brian Hoyer for a spot on the roster. Adam Schefter said he was the favorite! Jason La Canfora confirmed they'd basically just pick the better guy. I even got to write about it for my semi-day job over here at SB Nation Pittsburgh, which was nice. However, Pro Football Talk reports that when it came down to it, they went with Hoyer. Add Hoyer to the list of people Sippin' on Purple hates even more than rationale requires, although he kinda deserves for what he did while at MSU.

Fit$: USA Today released their college coach salary database, which is nice because Northwestern isn't a public institution and doesn't have to disclose Fitz' salary. They report Fitz makes $1,280,751, which is just about middle of the pack for the Big Ten, which is kind of a bargain considering that's how basically much Indiana and Minnesota pay for Kevin Wilson and Jerry Kill.

More like Buttgers, amirite: Four essential links on Maryland and Rutgers: Bill Connelly's all-encompassing breakdown of the whole deal and the history of both schools, Nate Silver's analysis of how this dilutes the Big Ten brand and ALWAYS TRUST NATE SILVER, Spencer Hall's beer wrapup of the move, and MGoBlog's new and old conference realignment

What should we do with the record books?: Pat Fitzgerald said we should throw them out heading into the Illinois game. Harvard says emphatically that we should not. I think I'ma side with the Harvard guys.

No gata: Stuart Mandel puts Northwestern in the Outback Bowl. For a full rundown of Northwestern's bowl stuff, Persalicious has you covered in the Fanposts.