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Northwestern vs. Delaware State Game Thread

Northwestern and Delaware State play in a South Padre Invitational game in Evanston, which makes sense? Comment along if you can or can't watch!


Northwestern! Delaware State! The Hornets play the Wildcats in a game that's part of the South Padre Invitational even though it's in Evanston and not South Padre!

Northwestern should be able to advance to 4-0 and start to get into the major conference portion of its schedule tonight, as they should be better than Delaware State, but stranger things have happened, and they took us to overtime in 2005. Hopefully it's another laugher.

The game's at 7 p.m. on the Big Ten Digital Network, which I still don't pay for. So comment along if you're watching or listening, if not, Loretta8 will be your eyes once again when he postgames. (Personally, I won't be able to, as my new apartment doesn't yet have internet - I'd stick around and listen, but I also realized I left my phone out in Brooklyn while on the subway to make it to someplace with internet by 8 a.m. and I haven't been back and I might have a million texts but I probably have none. My point is an idiot. Wait, my point is I'M an idiot. Sorry. I literally typed that first thing.)