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Northwestern 55, TCU 31: Yes, That Was Really The Final

Northwestern sets a school record by holding TCU to just 31 points and improves to 5-0

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Due to the woefully poor quality of the stream, I don't think anyone who wasn't actually in the building saw this game, and that was probably for the best. TCU shot an abysmal 13 for 49 from the field, missed all their three pointers, and hit only 5 of 12 free throws. Northwestern's opponents are now below 50% from the line on the season, clearly some Jedi mind trick shit. Since I didn't see the game, I don't know how much of TCU's terrible offense was due to strong NU defense, but considering TCU couldn't break 50 against Prairie View or Navy, I'm gonna say not much.

On offense it was the same story as last game for Northwestern, with Drew Crawford, Jared Swopshire, Reggie Hearn and Dave Sobolewski playing heavy minutes and doing nearly all of NU's scoring. Swopshire led the way with 15 points. Again, since I could only listen on the radio it's tough to get a good idea of how the offense looked; the jump shooting wasn't there at 6 of 19 from three but the offense ran smoothly as NU only turned it over 7 times. Sanjay Lumpkin also made the first appearance of his career in garbage time and hit a couple free throws, so good for him. Perhaps he can emerge as a legitimate backup to Crawford and Swopshire, because right now Carmody clearly doesn't have confidence in anyone on his bench besides Alex Marcotullio.

Tomorrow NU plays their first game against a potential postseason team, taking on Illinois State in the South Padre Island Invitational championship game. We'll have a better idea about this team going forward after that.