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Jeff Budzien named co-Big Ten kicker of the year

Jeff Budzien was the only Northwestern player who made an all-Big Ten first team, and even then he had to split his trophy with somebody else. Bummer.


Northwestern went 9-3 this year, and only got one player on the all-Big Ten team, one on the second team, because, uh, yeah!

The one player was Jeff Budzien, who tied for the Bakken-Andersen Kicker of the Year Award with Brett Maher of Nebraska, who, unlike Jeff Budzien, missed more than one field goal this season. In fact, he missed five, two from under 40 yards. But yeah, co-Big Ten kicker! This was presumably decided by the guy who decided all those co-Special Teams Player of the Week awards, aka the least decisive person in the world.

Budzien was also the first-team all-B1G player, while Brian Mulroe made all-second team at left guard. Venric Mark was second-team too, behind Le'Veon Bell and Montee Ball, which I guess is to be expected, although he killed it in yards per carry and probably could have merited first team honors.

I'm not sure anybody else on Northwestern's team deserved recognition - a bunch of guys got honorable mentions, by which I mean, Kain Colter, Ibraheim Campbell, Tyler Scott, Patrick Ward, Damien Proby, David Nwabuisi, and Chi Chi Ariguzo - but still, it's weird that a team that went 9-3 only had one player who was the best at his position.

Would you have voted anybody else on? Maybe killed Brett Maher?