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Big Ten/ACC Challenge: Northwestern vs. Maryland Game thread

Northwestern and Maryland are bitter rivals, as we found out in the preview. They square off in a bitter deathmatch of a Big Ten/ACC Challenge game. Blood will flow.


Northwestern and Maryland pretty much are guaranteed to hate each other forever always, as we found out today when they made their way over from Testudo Times to spew their hatespeak in the comments. I mean, this is a big rivalry. There's women's lacrosse, Under Armour, and women's lacrosse, and also we're both going to be in the Big Ten eventually. Well, we're already in the Big Ten, but you get it.

The Wildcats haven't lost this year and haven't lost in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge since I was in high school, which is the longest streak ever for any team. They can keep that going with a win tonight over an upstart Maryland squad, so it would be cool if they did.

Most importantly, the game is on ESPN2, so we can all watch and talk about it and be jerks. I'll be in the comments and so should you. I put this up a bit early so we can talk about the other games. Woah, look at those other games!

Go Cats/B1G B1G B1G!