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Northwestern Fans Love the Capital One Bowl, And They're Sharing Those Feelings on Twitter

by Kevin Trahan (@k_trahan)

Sometimes you just have to tell that special someone how you feel, and Northwestern fans have had no reservations sharing their feelings with the Capital One Bowl. Over the past few days, NU fans blitzed the Capital One Bowl account on Twitter, sharing why they want to go to the game. The tweets ranged from general excitement to song lyrics to... some we probably shouldn't share on this site.

We'll know on Sunday whether the Capital One Bowl shares the same feelings as NU fans. It looks like Michigan might be the top choice right now. But even if the Wildcats are rejected, they're making a pretty big social media push in this bowl season.

Here's what the Capital One Bowl thinks of the social media push: "I’d stop short of calling this level of enthusiasm unprecedented, because we’ve had some excited fanbases before. But blitz is the correct noun for the efforts by Wildcat fans; once or twice a day they just overwhelm us with tweets. The sheer volume of it is impressive. I hope they keep it up if the ‘Cats come to Orlando, even if it means my phone’s battery is in for a long December."

Check out the Capital One Bowl's mentions.

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