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Thursday Sips, featuring Bracket Projections, NU breakdowns, and soccer

Northwestern is one of the last four out in the initial SB Nation bracket projection, because there's no reason to live.


A few links before name of the week and other stuff.

Welp city: Preseason brackets are coming out! Let's see where Northwestern places in Chris Dobbertean's SB Nation bracket projection LAST FOUR OUT JESUS WILL THIS EVER END WHY DOES LIFE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST ALWAYS. They think we're the 70th team. Life<<<<<<<<<<<

Move over, Mountain Tiger: MgoBlog has a great breakdown of Northwestern's offense and defense in this week's Fee Fi Fo Film. If you want me to summarize the in-depth breakdown in a few words: Kain Colter.

MnoBoo: Big Ten blog's predictions for the Northwestern game... meh.

Guestin: I went over to Maize N Brew to talk Northwestern football. Also, MGoBlog, but that one isn't up yet.

The "S" is not for "Soccer": Northwestern beat OSU 2-0 in the first round of the Big Ten tournament. They'll play Friday against No. 3 Michigan in a game that will likely decide the fate of the football game the next day. It'll be on the BTN- game thread?