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Hyundai Fanthropology: Wanna win a prize for being the best NU fan?

Hyundai wants to give a trip to a bowl game to the best college football they can find. Wanna win? Just tell the SoP community your Northwestern sports story, and you're entered.


It's Friday, so here's a cool thing: Hyundai thinks loyalty is pretty alright. You know what sport features ridiculous, preposterous amounts of loyalty amongst its fans? Hint: it's college football! So Hyundai wants to give a sick prize to the best fan they can find - a trip to a game of the winner's choice, along with plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

None of us really WANT to be Northwestern football fans. I certainly don't. However, for whatever reason, year after year, we keep coming back and doing stupider and stupider things to watch the guys in purple play against their bigger, badder opponents - and generally win a bunch, too. Ever since getting accepted, I have loved and lived Northwestern football: I get unnecessarily pumped when the Wildcats win, and go into blind rages when they lose. I have gotten up at ungodly hours to catch games. I've painted my chest in freezing weather. I've driven from Illinois to Texas and back for NU. That said, I'm sure I'm just breaking the surface compared the dumb stuff you guys have and continue to do, most of you for decades longer than me, because of your passion for NU.

So now it's your turn to tell us why you're the bestest fan. Here's how this works: Hyundai wants to send the best college football fans to the football game of your choice - most likely a bowl, if you play your cards right - and entering is easy. You just need to show them that you're a loyal, committed fan, and tell them why. Comment below, tell us your story and why you love NU. I'll read your comments and decide which one of you is the best and most deserving to be NU's finalist. (How will I choose? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you guys know how to play to my weaknesses.) As a finalist, you'll have a chat with me about why we're such awesome fans, and our conversation will be featured on the front page. Those conversations will be read by a bunch of judges, who will decide who wins the pair of plane tickets, hotel room, and pair of game tickets to the game of the winner's choice. Then, because you love me, you'll give me the extra ticket, right? (That part is not necessary, but you should.) Easy enough, huh?

But anyway, here's the point of this post: just tell us about why you love Northwestern. Simple enough, huh? And you could win a bunch of sweet stuff. So do it, because even if you don't want all that sweet stuff, I'd still love to hear.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.