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Friday Sips, featuring Devin Gardner or Denard Robinson, Go U Northwestern, and the most pre-1995 .GIF ever

Some links before Saturday's Northwestern-Michigan game, including talk about who Michigan will start at QB, and Northwestern's fight song turning 100, and the most Northwestern football pre-1995 .GIF ever.

Links a day before gameday!

Go University! Northwestern University!: It turns out Northwestern's fight song is turning 100 in a few weeks, and the school is having a really awkward contest to celebrate it!

I love the way Morty catches that football, and then - NO, DON'T THROW IT AT THE CAMERAMA-oh, he was just joking. Whew. I did teach myself how to play the fight song on guitar for homecoming last year when I had to play guitar on a float, but, uh, no. I am not participating. You guys should, tho! Embarrass yourselves, so I don't have to!

B-1-G, P-O, P-P-A: Martin Rickman breaks down the glory of #NOTORIOUSB1G, combining one of my favorite rappers with one of my least favorite conferences that I'm obligated to watch due to my fandom.. Escargot/My car slow, y'all.

Denard or Devin?: LTP asks the question of which Michigan quarterback Northwestern should want to face, Devin Gardner or Denard Robinson. My answer to this question is staring blankly at the screen, filled with shame.

Huck The Ball Into The Posts: Or HTBITP, which really should be a Northwestern blog name. MGoBlog unearthed THE MOST NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL PRE-1995 GIF. You can see it above - it's a long-snap hiked straight over the punter's head, wobbldy-wobbldy-wop, and banging off the goalpost. I love how the punter almost runs straight into the post before turning at the last second to follow the ball. And look at the crowd! My offer still stands: whoever can confirm to me that they attended this game is the recipient of one (1) beer when I meet them.

Predicks: MgoBlog on the one hand says Kyle Prater is the world's best-kept secret, but on the other uses maths to predict a 31-17 win. MaizenBrew predicts a 20-18 Michigan win that will kill all of us in their Northwestern-Michigan preview.

Mark4Doak: Venric Mark is a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award for the nation's best running back. That's pretty crazy, considering we didn't think he'd be good, really, at all, just a few months ago. Totally deserved, although he probably gets a bit of extra hype because of how good he is at returning punts.

That's it for now, y'all.