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Friday Sips, featuring Team Inner-Outer and Women's Lax names

It's Friday! Read this stuff before the weekend, including something about new division alignments and some really, really preppy names.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

A lil bit of stuff for a Friday!

TEAM INNER OUTER: Yesterday, the Big Ten put up a poll on their website asking what we think the new divisions should be with Maryland and Rutgers now in the fold, since the Legends and Leaders are so much of the stupid. For me, it's not even a question: Team inner outer. MGoBlog highlights why we should all choose the Eye of Sauron Configuration, and I'm not one to disagree.

NO. 1 IN WOMEN'S LAX (names): Inside Lacrosse does its yearly names posts searching for preppiness, including one for the women's squads, and Northwestern was well represented: Hadley Brooke was a second-teamer, Beatrice Conley made the all-old lady name team, and Blake McHugh made the all-male name team.

More like the Capital Two bowl amirite: That stuff about the Capital One Bowl wanting Northwestern? Yeah, it was true, but the bowl did what they needed to do so that they could stay on the good side of their conferences. Guess what? I'm fine with it, though. I'd rather get a win against Mississippi State in a game I've already discussed as being absolutely gigantic and awesome. It would've been cool to be in a better bowl, but now that we're here I'm fine with it. Besides, we're probably selling more tickets than Nebraska, so this mistake won't get made in the future.

Still really good at swimming backwards: Matt Grevers added a world championship to his impressive resume.