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Wednesday sips, featuring Vlade Divac, Tre Demps, and DUNK TANK!

Wednesday links, including a dunk tank, an injury update on Tre Demps, and Vlade Divac?

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Some stuff for a Wednesday before I do some other stuff for a Wednesday:

OH IT'S ON: For Whom The Cowbell Tolls is just gearing up its hate: today they have a post trollily titled "Is Northwestern Really Winless in its Bowl History?", in which they argue that NU's 1949 Rose Bowl win was a fraud. TAKE WHAT YOU WANT FROM US, BUT LEAVE OUR 1949 ROSE BOWL TITLE ALONE. They also have a post on what constitutes success for Mississippi State football, if you're into that sort of thing.

Serious bowl preparatioDUNK TAAAAAANK: We forget that bowl season is more fun for the players on the team than it is for the fans: they get to chill out as a team with no classes and lots of silly activities, like having their coaches get dunked into water, playing video games while wrapping their sweaters around their waists, and watching their coaches embarrass themselves playing football.

Mainly watch that video to see Jacob Schmidt, one year removed from being Northwestern's starting running back, getting absolutely rocked by one of Northwestern's strength and conditioning coaches. NU fans that are surprised by someone tackling Jacob Schmidt, raise your hands.

My mind is telling me no, but MY VLAAADE: For no apparent reason, Vlade Divac showed up at Northwestern's practice Friday, which leads into this very nice article about how Northwestern recruits Euros. I did one of those when I worked for the Daily, but more focused on asking Ivan Peljusic how hard taking classes in English was.

All-Americans can be underrated?: Apparently, says Bruce Feldman, who tabbed Venric Mark as a player to watch this bowl season.

They be like yo Tre: Tre Demps is Tre-to-Tre day-to-day with a sprained ankle.