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Apocalyptic Sips, featuring the monkey on our back, a billboard, and lax mags

Northwestern is still prepping for its bowl game - Jesus, how much longer - and a Northwestern athlete is on the cover of a sports magazine! (It's about lacrosse, but still.)

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The last links post ever :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


The monkey off our back is off our back, but not in that way: The Rittenblog reports no stuffed monkey will be on Northwestern's back as they try to get off the schnied. Is that how you spell "schnied?" Is it "shnide"?

Jacksonville's Big Ten Team: At least until the Big Ten adds Jacksonville State:

POLAR OPPOSITES: For a Southeastern look at Northwestern, Southern Pigskin profiled Pat Fitzgerald and what Northwestern is trying to do. Frat frat frat etc.

So maybe you overpaid?: The Big Lead profiled bowl ticket prices, and as NU Alum pointed out, the get-in for The Gator Bowl is $2.25. I think it's more to do with the big stadium than NU's fanbase - sounds like both we and Mississippi State are traveling well. Good on those of you who bucked up and bought tickets through the school.

BELLINELLI: Northwestern went to the Bulls game the other night, and they had bad tickets:

To be fair, that's where I sit at every NBA game I've ever been to. LOL at Pat Fitzgerald referring to a Bulls game as "nightlife". Fitz ran into Luke Donald while he was there, which is kinda weird. In other news, I hope Nate Robinson still has eligibility, since we need a cornerback.

We can get on the cover of NCAA Football!: We just need... more people than our entire student body to vote for us.

Evanston used to be prettier: A photo history of the city from the Trib.

Hope this breaks the Lacrosse Mag Cover Curse: NU women's laxer Taylor Thornton was on the cover of that publication.

Ramble off: Northwestern assistant soccer coach Neil Jones is now the head coach at Loyola, because our assistants r better than ur head coaches.