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Northwestern vs. Stanford game thread

Northwestern plays Stanford in a game that would give the Wildcats a big boost heading into Big Ten play, but then again, they don't have Drew Crawford and stuff and we don't know how that will pan out.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford! Northwestern! A bunch of Wildcats take on a single tree!

Sure, the biggest and best wildcat has, uh, a shoulder problem and will be out for... eh, screw this metaphor. Northwestern and Stanford play basketball tonight at Welsh-Ryan Arena. Are you going to be watching Stanford play Northwestern at Welsh-Ryan Arena? What's your excuse? OH, THAT'S RIGHT, YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. (Except for you, Aaron Liberman. You have a legit excuse. You're good on this front. Go on and don't do anything.)

If you are watching - 8 p.m. central on the Big Ten Network! - this game thread will be where it's at. So stop by and talk about stuff like how the world didn't end, when the world will end, and whether or not it will happen before Northwestern makes the NCAA Tournament.

A win here would be sort of big and allow Northwestern to enter Big Ten play with their heads relatively high after a few losses and a big injury. But can they pull it off without Drew? We'll see.

Go Cats n stuff!